TEI: Partners

The TEI Consortium is supported by a set of institutional partners who provide financial, technical, and administrative resources to the Consortium. Each partner makes an annual partner contribution of $5000 in cash and $5000 of in-kind services or support to the TEI, though this system is being reviewed. The partners are also represented on the TEI board of directors. In-kind services include supplying publicity materials, contributing effort to the TEI membership administration, developing technical infrastructure, hosting workgroup meetings, and similar activities. Partner contributions are vetted by the TEI Board of Directors to determine their appropriateness and value.

Partners typically serve for four years at a time, with renewal cycles in 2009, 2013, and so on. A call for partners is sent out at each renewal point, when the existing partners decide whether they wish to continue their role. But in addition, prospective partners may submit proposals at any time. There is no limit on the number of TEI partners, but only four partners may be represented on the TEI board at a time; in the event that there are more than four TEI partners, the partners decide among themselves how to rotate the representation.

Prospective partners should submit a proposal to the TEI (info@tei-c.org) with the following information:
  • Who would be involved in the TEI partnership at the prospective partner institution?
  • What kinds of in-kind services would the prospective partner be able to provide to the TEI, and what is their approximate value?
  • Who would serve as the partner representative to the TEI Board of Directors?
  • What entities at the institution (for instance, the library, a digital project, a university press) would be contributing effort and funding?

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