Notes from TEI Council Conference Call of 24 Feb 06


All times are UTC unless otherwise noted.

Call started at 12:06 with CW, DP, SB, JW, AB, LB, SR, MD, CT, DB; absent were MZ, SS, LR, JC, although JC had sent along his apologies in advance.

Review of the minutes and action items

JC: Review and then disseminate the P5 howto
JC reported prior to the teleconference that while there was still room for work on this document, it had been reviewed and disseminated (posted to TEI-L 22/23 Dec), and that no one had commented upon it.
Action 1: LB Ensure this document is easily accessible from P5 portion of website completed
SB: Circulate summary report on SO work-group outputs to date
SB reports this was accomplished. It was agreed that Council members should review the current drafts listed in Syd's summary, and SB should revise them based on comments received.
Action 2: All Review SO Outputs 2006-03-11
LB: to update the Activities web-page
LB reports he has updated this page as much as he can
CW, LB: Draft charge for personography activity, including deadlines and workplan
CT: Initiate and facilitate production of note on Page Image Management; report on progress to next Council meeting
CT (& DP) report that work is progressing; see . CT reports that after some discussion and consideration he concluded that this activity would be best situated as one of the Manuscript SIG's activities, rather than creating a new SIG.
Action 3: CT or DP post to TEI-MS-SIG or TEI-L requesting input 2006-03-12
LB: Ensure that ST corrections are completed
LB reports this item completed
SB: organize a proposal on how best to prosecute the class struggle
SB reports that while this item was completed (i.e., a proposal was posted), neither he nor anyone else followed up appropriately on the proposal, and thus the class struggle has stagnated. It was agreed to follow LB's counter-proposal, using e-mail on the entire Council list. It was further agreed that rather than processing modules in some sequential order, each member of Council will be assigned some modules for which to propose what the class structure should be. This process needs to be undertaken quite soon.
Action 4: CW w/ LB's help create list of modules needing ‘class’ attention 2006-03-04
Action 5: CW assign modules to Council members 2006-03-11
CW: Investigate options for holding council meeting/TEI training meeting in Kyoto, reporting back by next call
Done, discussion later on the agenda
SB/SS/NS: Report back from TEI Libraries meeting at next TEI Council call
SB reported that the meeting went well. The DLF goals were to revamp the TEI in Libraries document, and begin the process of creating a ‘vendor DTD’ or ‘TEI Tight’ which could be used for submitting texts to vendors for capture by those institutions without the resources to create such a schema on their own — this is the same schema that TEI would like to use when aggregating requests for digitization as a member benefit. The TEI goals were to ensure that the results of the DLF process were freely available to TEI users, to encourage participants to consider P5, to ensure that the P4 schemas produced were not egregiously problematic for upgrading to P5, and to solicit librarian input on P5.
Action 6: SB post a pointer to the minutes of this meeting as soon as the minutes are available

Review of WG etc. progress


[Note: MM = Murray McGillivray]

SB reports that MM has posted some documents with some suggested sample encodings of collation formulae to the PB list, and that JF has commented on them, but no one else has. LB has put the documents on the website off the Physical Bibliography Work Group page, under the headings ‘Manuscript example’ and ‘Print example’. LB says that progress is being made, Council members should read & comment.


MD reports that the preliminary report by the graduate student Eva Wedervang-Jensen, whom TEI paid to research other biographic XML schemes, has been put on the web at . Eva looked at ~10 systems for biographical data in XML (the list is in the document). MD notes that, because it started life as an MS Word document which was later hand-converted to TEI, it has some significant formatting problems which he hopes to iron out soon; however, he does not want to post it to TEI-L until these formatting problems have been fixed.

The plan is to have a face-to-face meeting about this, hopefully soon. The exact reason for and makeup of this meeting was discussed. The intent would be to gather some non-TEI folks who are practiced in this field, to solicit their opinions on our proposed scheme, in particular whether or not they would use it. We are looking for anxious implementors of this scheme.

Council members should send names of individuals who should be involved in the personography face-to-face to the council list or directly to MD. End of March a possibility for this meeting.


The newest pre-release alpha-test snapshot of P5, whose Sourceforge number is ‘0.3.1’, was released 2006-01-30. This is a significant improvement over the previous snapshot. LB apologized to Council for not having a written progress report prepared ahead of the conference call, but promised to have one ready for inclusion in these minutes, which he promptly did. For details see the release notes.

It was suggested that the newest snapshot should be included with oXygen.

Action 7: SB bundle up 0.3.1 for oXygen 2006-03-18

A revision of the TEI Lite tutorial, making it conformant with TEI P5, was also undertaken. A preliminary draft of this revision was circulated to Council mid February, and also to TEI-L. Major differences are summarised in appndx .


Next conference call is tentatively scheduled for Tue 25 Apr @ 12:00 UTC.


LB & SB suggest that the ‘Class Struggle’ is currently high priority.

Council members reviewing documents should post their thoughts about the document reviewed, even if it is nothing more than ‘It's OK’.

Meeting ended ~13:30.

Appendix A: Changes to TEI Lite (P5 version)

  1. The element <expan> wasn't previously available. I have added it to complement <abbr> and revised the discussion of how abbreviation should be handled, in line with the revisions for <corr> , <reg> , <orig> , <sic> etc. (and introduced <choice> , obviously).
  2. The <series> element, although listed as available in U5, isn't actually present in any version of the teilite dtd since 2004. I've removed discussion of it.
  3. The elements <gi> , <code> , <ident> , <kw> were previously added as extensions; all but the last are available from the tagdocs module, so I've taken them from there now, adding <att> and <val> (but not <tag> ) for good measure. <kw> is gone.
  4. I added <teiCorpus> : it has always been discussed in U5, but not actually included in the DTD for no very good reason.
  5. Numbered divs are removed. This required a rather unpleasant manual hack of the ODD which should only be regarded as provisional.
  6. The discussion of linking and pointers was revised in line with the new P5 regime.
  7. The discussion of figures and graphics was also revised in line with how it is now presented in P5, and the elements <graphic> and <binaryObject> added.
  8. The discussion of character entities has been removed

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