TEI Council Meeting 8 February 2010

  • Brett Barney (BB)
  • Gabriel Bodard (GB)
  • Lou Burnard (LB)
  • James Cummings (JC)
  • Kevin Hawkins (KH)
  • Martin Holmes (MH)
  • Daniel O'Donnell (DoD)
  • Elena Pierazzo (EP)
  • Dot Porter (DP)
  • Sebastian Rahtz (SR) - minutes
  • Laurent Romary (LR) - chair



Teleconference started at 1600 CET.

LR began by saying that, although there had been some discussion of possibly having a face-to-face meeting in October, the budget won't allow that. Therefore the April face-to-face meeting will be the only one this year. He encouraged Council members to economize when arranging travel to the meeting.

LB noted that external funding for a second meeting might be available and hinted that he will pursue this possibility further.

LR noted that planning is proceeding for the one-day symposium before the April meeting. The symposium will be an important event, during which he hopes that we can devise a strategic plan for the use of TEI in the process of scholarly publishing. He requested that in preparation for the meeting, each of the Council members give some thought to this issue and email discussion proposals to him.

DoD informed the group that the Board has received back from Apex corrections to TEI Tite, which he plans to share with a subcommittee of people for review. Lou said he should just bring them to the whole Council instead. Dan said that would be fine.

Discussion of outstanding feature requests

LB noted that during the last teleconference the Council deferred until this teleconference three ticket items they required a lot of further discussion. Since no progress has been made on these, he suggested that they be put on the agenda for the face-to-face meeting. All agreed, and Laurent volunteered to solicit volunteers to work on these in the meantime.

For full details of each request, see the relevant ticket.

<biblScope> as sibling, child, or both of <imprint> : After discussion of how these elements are used, especially for journals, there was general agreement that <biblScope> should be allowed only as a sibling of <imprint> . It was further noted that the examples in the guidelines need to be vetted and that further examples might need to be generated. DoD suggested comparing with other encoding schemes to see how this is handled.
Action 1: MH, KH and LR will follow up.
adding @docStatus to <edition> : After discussion of where the desired information would be best supplied and whether the current <teiHeader> already provides adequately for it in, say, <revisionDesc> (it doesn't), we agreed that a new attribute on <revisionDesc> was warranted and that another new attribute could be added to <change> . Example uses will need to be generated.
Action 2: LB will propose specifics.
adding <add> and <del> to att.datable: There was lively discussion of this item and its implications for other elements about which one might foresee similar arguments. EP noted that the genetic editions working group is currently discussing the desirability of making various elements datable and plans to have a specific proposal for discussion at the April meeting. It was decided that discussion of this ticket be postponed until we have a chance to consider that porposal.
@ident data type problem with <valItem>> : It was agreed that there needs to be a way to allow the values specified for an attribute to be something other than valid XML names; the best way to do this is less clear. Eventually, consensus was reached that this should be done by locally defining @ident for <valItem>
adding @xml:space to att.global: It was quickly agreed that it is reasonable to want to preserve spaces in some instances. Debate focused on whether this need is best met by reinstating @xml:space in att.global. It was agreed that, on balance, yes, it is.
adding global @facsKey: Although the value of @facs is supposed to be "one or more URIs, separated by whitespace," folks seem to typically give it a value equivalent to @key—a "magic token" that is to be resolved later by a processor into a full URI. It was agreed that the addition of @facsKey, though not without disadvantages, was advisable, since doing so will not to break existing documents that use @facs as described.
non-Gregorian dates: TEI's @when is currently defined as @when-w3c; some within the community, including LR, would like to define it instead as @when-iso. Since @when-iso is currently allowed, discussion centered on whether the "generic" option offered to TEI users should be the more permissive (ISO) or more restrictive (W3C subset). LB argued that switching to ISO would cause unnecessary headaches. No one disagreed strongly, so the status quo seems to have prevailed.
allowing elements from the certainty module on <gap> and <space> : No objections.

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