Anemoscala. Corpus of Modern Greek Poetry

General description: |The Centre for the Greek Language is pleased to announce Anemoskala: a fully searchable corpus/concordance of Modern Greek Poetry.

We implement the TEI schema to create a digital version of the texts and allow for a rich tagging of text properties.

Implementation description: TEI lite - modified (still in experimental stages - ad hoc modifications may apply)

Related resources: Akritidou, Maria, Modern Greek Studies facing the digital reality. Developing a Modern Greek Poetry Coprus with TEIΗ_ανάπτυξη_ψηφιακού_σώματος_νεοελληνικής_ποίησης_από_το_ΚΕΓ_με_το_διεθνές_πρότυπο_Text_Encoding_Initiative_Developing_a_digital_corpus_of_Modern_Greek_Poetry


Maria Akritidou
Center for the Greek Language,
1, Karamaouna Str.- Skra Sq.
Kalamaria, 55132, GREECE


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