General description: coloniaLab is an experimental workshop for the collaborative electronic edition of manuscript and rare print texts related to colonial Latin America. coloniaLab seeks to produce high–quality textual scholarship, pose theoretical and practical questions related to the edition of colonial–era texts, and develop strategies for preparing a new generation of Humanities scholars to engage with the complex textual history of Latin America. coloniaLab currently has three active projects: an interactive edition of a seventeenth–century Spanish bibliography of books about the Indies, an documentary variorum edition of an eighteenth–century text dealing with Spanish expeditions to present–day British Columbia, and an digital archive of key documents related to a late seventeenth–century English expedition to Chile. These projects all involve undergraduate students from the University of North Florida as transcribers, TEI-XML encoders and editorial assistants.

Implementation description: We are preparing documentary editions accompanied by partially modernized reading texts, and so are using many of TEI elements that serve for manuscript description, as well as elements such as <choice> that allow us to encode transcriptions and regularized versions together as unitary TEI texts. We are also experimenting with the use of TEI for the encoding of historical print bibliographies, and are developing an approach to marking up key semantic aspects of Early Modern nautical texts.


Clayton McCarl
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Telephone: 904-620-1242

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