Digital Averroes Research Environment (DARE)

General description: The Digital Averroes Research Environment (DARE), funded by the DFG, is a Virtual research environment concerned with the works of the Andalusian Philosopher Averroes. DARE aims to provide scholars with the digitized manuscripts and incunables of Averroes's works, as well as edited full texts, in all three language traditions of Averroes's works - Arabic, Hebrew and Latin.

Implementation description: TEI forms the backbone of DARE's data. The structure of the texts, the manuscript descriptions, the bibliography and the chunks of the full texts are all encoded in TEI. DARE itself runs in a Drupal-CMS, and the XML server is Xeletor (, a highly scalable and performance oriented XML server, whose developement was also in part funded by DARE. As all software developed in the course of the project, Xeletor is licensed under the LGPL (


Andreas Speer

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