Digital Dictionary of Buddhism and CJKV-E Dictionary

General description: (1) A comprehensive dictionary/encyclopedia of Buddhism, with Chinese-character terms as the headwords. A collaborative project, joined by more than 100 scholars of Buddhist Studies, many of them recognized leaders in their respective subfields. Can be used with limited free access: guest users many search up to 10 items in a one day period. Those who require professional/unlimited usage gain access by becoming contributors or paying a moderate free. Universities may purchase institutional subscriptions. Containing over 65,000 entries (2016/3/12) it is a basic resource for the academic study of Buddhism, used by advanced researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students around the world.

(2) A comprehensive dictionary/encyclopedia of East Asian history and philosophy, with a focus on the traditions of Confucianism and Daoism, based on the same principles as the above dictionary of Buddhism.

Implementation description: Based mostly on the TEI dictionary module, with a few differences in upper-level elements. For example, <hdwd> is used instead of <orth>. Everything at the level of <sense> and below is P5-based, and bibliographies are also P5 <biblStruct>. The data set is not fully open for download, as the policy of the dictionary is such that rights to individual articles are held by their authors. Nonetheless, the XML source code for each entry is accessible via a link generated with that entry. Containing over 45,000 entries (2016/3/12)

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