Emily Dickinson Archive

General description: The Dickinson Archive is an open-access repository of all known original manuscripts of poetry by Emily Dickinson. High-resolution images of the manuscript pages are available, with complete transcriptions from several editions. The primary intended audience is literary scholars seeking access to the original manuscripts. Dickinson's papers are scattered in several collections, and like many historical archives, physical access is extremely limited due to age and fragility of the materials. Secondarily, students and casual readers seeking greater depth of understanding of Dickinson's intent in her writing. One TEI file was created for each published transcript, which are downloadable from the website.

Implementation description: Primarily we relied on the verse and critical apparatus modules. The main complexity of the coding was in accurately capturing the various emendations made to the manuscripts by Dickinson herself as well as editorial changes made in the transcripts. No modifications were made to the schema.

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Bryan Cholfin
Harvard University Press
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