The EpiDoc Collaborative


"The EpiDoc collaborative is committed to developing a software and hardware-independent interchange specification for scholarly and educational editions of inscribed and incised texts in Greek, Latin and other languages emanating from the ancient Greek, Roman and nearby civilizations."

"The EpiDoc effort is open to participation by any interested individual, organization or project. It was started by Tom Elliott, Hugh Cayless and Amy Hawkins at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (U.S.A.), and is being carried forward simultaneously by the individuals and projects listed below. The focal point for EpiDoc collaboration and interaction is the MARKUP discussion list, hosted by the Stoa Consortium for Electronic Publication in the Humanities, an organization which has lent indispensable resources and advice to the EpiDoc effort."

– EpiDoc WWW page


Tom Elliott
Director, Ancient World Mapping Center
CB#8110 5010 Davis Library
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, 27599-8110

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