Icon Programming for Humanists, Second Edition

Description: In 1990 I published my book, Icon Programming for Humanists, with Prentice-Hall (ISBN: 0-13-450180-2). I am currently preparing an updated edition, which will be published online. There will be an entirely new chapter on applications with TEI.

Implementation description: This book shows how the Icon Programming language may be used for research on texts, especially of a statistical nature. This edition will be thoroughly updated, to reflect the great changes that have occurred during the past 18 years. Materials are added on the use of Unicode, and there is a new chapter on TEI, showing how custom programs can be written -- for example, how to extract the content of particular tags for a given text, and how to strip a text of tags for statistical research on word or sentence length, etc.

Access: I will hold the copyright. One copy for personal use may be made by an individual.


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