The Kapellmeisterbuch of the Abbey of Einsiedeln

General description: The Benedicine Abbey of Einsiedeln in Switzerland holds a uncommon handwritten music inventory, the Kapellmeisterbuch, in which each piece of music performed at the abbey on Sundays and other feasts between 1813 and 1852, and fragmentary from 1805 to 1884, were registered by the Kapellmeister. The book, which contains about 340 pages, is an unique document and an extremely valuable resource for musicologists for the study of the musical life in the 19th century in Switzerland.

Implementation description: A TEI transcription (P5) of the Kapellmeisterbuch enabled the creation of different indexes, which provide the user with browsing by date, by composer and by liturgical feast. The indexes contain normalised versions of the names appearing in the document.

In the transcription, the doubtfulness and the completions of the abbreviations were integrated according to the TEI guidelines for simple editorial changes. The text of the transcription can be searched using a full-text approach.

In the web application, the transcription is linked to digital images of the manuscript available at high-resolution.


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