The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library


The Legacy National Tobacco Documents Library (LNTDL) offers integrated searching of tobacco industry documents previously released through disparate industry websites, which are slated to cease in 2008. Through support of the American Legacy Foundation, the LNTDL will maintain this data through a permanent, stable interface.

The searchable data in the LNTDL is comprised of index records, one per document, which were created by the tobacco industry. These records contain both descriptive information about the content-title, author, date, persons mentioned, and so forth-as well as information regarding litigation usage, case names, and the like. Note: the text of the document is not searched. This data was provided to the individual tobacco companies to the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), and given to the UCSF Library to mount the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library.

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Legacy Tobacco Documents Library
Tobacco Control Archives
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