Newton Manuscript Project

Description: The Newton Project website aims to bring together in a single resource a high-quality electronic facsimile edition of Newton's papers, consisting of digital facsimile manuscript images alongside facing page text-encoded transcriptions on a split screen. Initially we are concentrating on the non-scientific material (including Newton's theological, alchemical and administrative writings), but aim ultimately to include all the documents Newton produced, including working notes and draft variants. Facsimile images will be stored in a high-resolution standard lossless image format (e.g. TIFF). In addition to the images and transcripts, hyperlink access will be provided to our own critical apparatus, and to online versions of source material, translations, indexes, bibliographies, articles, morphological analysers, Greek and Latin lexicons, search tools and related sites. This will greatly enhance the ability to access, interpret and analyse these manuscripts in their historical context. Our website will not only give the reader a means of understanding Newton's intellectual development, but will be linked to a much larger international digital library initiative to create Web-based resources for the study of early modern science and philosophy.

Implementation description: See for editorial and encoding information.


John Young
The Newton Project
Department of History
University of Sussex
East Sussex
Tel: 01273 872868

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