Norsk Ordbok 2014


Norsk Ordbok provides a scholarly and exhaustive account of the vocabulary of Norwegian dialects from 1600 onwards, and of the written language Nynorsk. Word entries give a thorough analysis of meaning with clear definitions and with examples of the words in use, taken from original source material, from literature and dialects.

TEI is used in two different areas of this project:
  1. As a production format for the corpus files.
  2. As a conversion and long time storage format for a set of regional and local dialect dictionaries used as source material for the main dictionary.

Implementation description:

For the corpus, a simple corpus tagset is used. For the dialect dictionaries, the dictionaries tagset is used.

Related resources:

Tvedt, Lars Jørgen; Lien, Elisabeth; Eide, Øyvind. Ordbokshotellet - varig lagring og formidling av norske ordsamlingar. I: Nordisk dialektologi og sociolingvistik, Foredrag på 8. Nordiske Dialektologkonference, Århus 2006. Århus: Peter Skautrup Centret for Jysk Dialektforskning, Aarhus Universitet 2007. ISBN 978-87-990871-1-2. s. 379-388.


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