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The Oxford Text Archive (OTA) was established in 1976 to collect, catalogue, preserve, and distribute the electronic products of research and scholarship in all areas of textual, literary, and linguistic studies. The OTA holds an extensive collection of electronic texts and linguistic corpora in a variety of languages which are of interest to academics working in the humanities. These resources are free of charge and can be downloaded or ordered via our web site listed above.

The OTA is funded via the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS), who, through its constituent members, seek to support and advise the humanities community within the UK.

The OTA is continually on the look-out for scholarly digital resources which might be of interest to the literary and linguistic communities, especially those in the UK. If you have created such a resource please contact us for information on how the OTA can help with its preservation, and if desired, redistribution.

– Alan Morrison


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