Peter Plaoul: The Electronic Critical Edition of Plaoul's Commentary on the Sentences

General description: While the site is not yet complete, I wanted to create a site, which would use the advantages of the web to create a more transparent critical edition.

Most notably this means, my site tries to give you continued access to the manuscript, even after the transcription is complete. But it also comes with a critical apparatus, which can be accessed "inline" or at the the end of text. The site allows provides a comment feature so that users can interact with the text and suggests better readings or alert the editor to errors. Eventually, I would like to add to this: individual transcriptions of each manuscript and an English translation.

The intended audience is philosophers, theologians, and historians, who specialize in late medieval thought.

The entire project is coded in TEI -- using the critical apparatus schema of TEI5 -- the html is prepared through XSLT, and the final result is displayed dynamically with PHP.


Jeffrey C Witt
Philosophy Department
Loyola University Maryland
4501 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21210

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