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Description: The dictionary is intended for lay users and scholars alike. Its aim is to provide orthographical and morphological information on the Slovene dialect of Resia (Friuli, North-Eastern Italy). It encompasses the supra-dialectal Resian standard and the four major local dialects of Bila/San Giorgio, Njiva/Gniva, Osojane/Oseacco and Solbica/Stolvizza. The project was initiated in 2002, when some 800 entries were published online. By the start of 2007, the number of entries contained in the dictionary had passed the 2,500 mark.

Implementation description The P4 tagset for dictionaries is used, together with those for linking and analysis. For a more detailed description of the tags used, see Han Steenwijk: “The Resianica dictionary: the first three years.” in: Znanstvene izdaje in elektronski medij, M. Ogrin, Ljubljana, Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU 2005, pp. 117-132.

Other Related Resources:A print dictionary derived from the TEI files is Han Steenwijk: Piccolo dizionario ortografico resiano/Mali bisidnik za tö jošt rozajanskë pïsanjë, Padova: CLEUP 2005, X + 233 pp. ISBN 88-7178-442-1

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