Scholarly Digital Editions of Slovenian Literature

Description: The aim of the Scholarly Digital Editions of Slovenian Literature project is to compile a collection of digital critical editions of Slovenian literary texts and sources for literary studies. The majority of editions include digital facsimiles, diplomatic transcription and critical transcription. Currently, two pilot editions are available on-line, several others being prepared.

Implementation description: The digital editions use TEI P4 (XML) for their encoding model, with the following tagsets: prose, figures, linking, and transcription. We also employ local modifications, which add <page> and <line> container elements, fix the values of rend and place attributes and make some other slight modifications. The editions themselves are each encoded as one <TEI.2> document, with nested <div>isions explicating their internal structure, be it separate poems, sermons, letters, or their different transcriptions. Facsimile files are stored externally, with the <figure> elements providing the linkage.

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Access : Freely available for non-commercial, academic use.


Matija Ogrin
Institut za slovensko literaturo in literarne vede ZRC SAZU Novi trg 2 1000 Ljubljana Slovenija
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