Thesaurus Musicarum Italicarum (TMI)


The Thesaurus musicarum italicarum (TMI) is an initiative of the Institute of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University. The TMI has published an electronic corpus of Italian music treatises from the second half of the sixteenth to the early seventeenth century, using the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines. TMIWeb provides free access to the transcriptions, and the CD-ROM contains transcriptions and facsimiles. TMIWeb contains four major collections:
  • Italian music treatises (26 as of 14/11/2000)
  • Secondary sources (names, biographies, and Baldi's Cronica)
  • Links to external resources
  • Documentation on DynaWeb, for users and developers.

The TMI has been supported by the IWI project (Innovatie Wetenschappelijke Informatievoorziening) of the SURF Foundation, and the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research.

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