The James Malcolm Rymer Collection

General description: A prolific author of 'penny bloods' and ‘dreadfuls’, James Malcolm Rymer is credited with inventing the enduring pseudo-historical villain Sweeney Todd. Rymer also made major interventions in British fictional representations of nautical life and Victorian transoceanic imperialism. The James Malcolm Rymer Collection aims to recover this influential and engaging author's attributed texts and the genre of the 'penny blood' for scholarly and general readers. To these ends, the Collection will consist of open access, intellectually accessible digital editions of selected fiction by and/or attributed to James Malcolm Rymer (1814-1884). The Collection will reveal Rymer's surprisingly nuanced writing's subtexts, historical contexts, and potential modern applications. Along with the Price One Penny edition of The Mysteries of the Inquisition, the James Malcolm Rymer Collection will serve editors of succeeding Price One Penny Editions as an exemplar. It also aims to showcase new approaches and the application of best practices in digital documentary editing of illustrated fiction and serials.

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