Text & Graphics Special Interest Group

The TEI Guidelines are used to encode many diverse, graphically rich documents, including illuminated manuscripts, laboratory notebooks, art books, children's illustrated books, comics and graphic novels, and so on. These types of graphically rich documents present special concerns, considerations, and challenges, both conceptually at the encoding level and technically at the transformation, presentation, and publishing layers of digital document development.

The purpose of this SIG will be to discuss, develop, and document various strategies and best practices for implementing the digital facsimile structures available in TEI P5, especially as relates to graphically rich texts, and for developing methods to extend the TEI when existing structures are not suitable.

The conveners of the SIG are John Walsh and Martin de la Iglesia. The SIG maintains a mailing list and a TEI wiki page.


The Text & Graphics SIG first convened at the third annual TEI Members' Meeting in Nancy, 2003. The SIG usually convenes at the annual Members' Meeting.

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