TEI Board


The Consortium is led by a Board of Directors, which provides strategic direction and fiscal oversight, organizes the TEI's main activities, and coordinates fundraising, marketing and member recruiting. The is composed of both elected and non-elected representatives. Four of its members represent the four TEI host institutions. The Executive Director and Treasurer are appointed by the Board of Directors. The remainder of the TEI board is elected by the TEI membership and serve for two-year terms.

Working papers of the Board are linked below.

Meetings of the Board

Other Documents

  • Procedures, Customs and Practices
  • BW08: TEI Host Bids for 2005-2009
  • BW09: Members Meeting Procedures (14 July 2006)
  • BW10: Should the email discussions of the TEI Board be publicly accessible? (30 July 2012)
  • BW11: TEI Consortium Communications Policy (16 October 2012)
  • BW12: Changes to Bylaws 2013 (Summary) (1 July 2013)

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