TEI Board Meeting Agenda
For June 19, 2003 Conference Call
John Unsworth, Chair
June 11, 2003


Expected to Attend:

Syd Bauman(North American Editor)
Lou Burnard(European Editor)
Gregory Crane(Elected, November 2002)
Julia Flanders(Host Representative for Brown University)
Claus Huitfeldt(Honorary Treasurer; Host Representative for Bergen University)
William A. Kretzschmar, Jr(Elected, November 2002; will attend if possible)
Alois Pichler
Sebastian Rahtz(Host Representative for Oxford University)
Peter Robinson(Elected, November 2001)
Geoffrey Rockwell (Honorary Secretary; Elected, November 2002)
Harold Short (Vice Chair; Elected, November 2001)
John Unsworth(Chair; Host Representative for University of Virginia)


Lou will open the call at 2pm BST on June 19, 2003. Participants should call the closest of these BT MeetMe Telephone numbers:

  • US +1-888-864-4686
  • Germany +49 69 50607164
  • Hong Kong +852 3012 6004
  • Italy +39 02 3700 9114
  • Japan +813-6688-4154
  • UK +44 20 7961 1380
  • Singapore +65 6826 9504
  • France +33 1 70 75 7004
  • Aus +612 8207 3304
  • Eire +353 1 480 0600
  • Netherlands +31 20-7969130

Participants will need to supply the following passcode: 4539044. If there are problems during the call, dial *0 for help from the BT operator, or call Lou on his cell phone (+44 796 871 6182).

Old Business:

1. Review minutes of past meetings: Review To-Do list from May, 2002 Board Meeting, at http://lists.village.virginia.edu/lists_archive/tei-board/0570.html and the action items in the minutes of the Board meeting in Chicago, in October of 2002, at http://www.tei-c.org/Board/bm08.html and be prepared to comment on those items that are attached to your name.

New Business:

2. Financial Report (Claus Huitfeldt): In particular, we need projections for the rest of FY2003 and for FY2004: how bad is it? will we be able to pay our editors?

3. Membership Report (Alois Pichler): in particular, we need to know how many members failed to renew, how many new members we have, in 2003. (see members.pdf )

4. Grant Reports (Alois Pichler, Lou Burnard, John Unsworth): What news on the grant front? (see bm-eu.pdf )

5. Feature Structures and ISO (John Unsworth): Please review TEI Council minutes on this subject, at http://www.tei-c.org/Council/tcm07.html, item 4.

6. GNU and TEI (Sebastian Rahtz): Review the recommendations to the Board from the Council, regarding the licensing/copyright of TEI products, summarized in the minutes at http://www.tei-c.org/Council/tcm07.html, item 9.

7. Report on 2003 Members Meeting Program (Peter Robinson): What preparations are in progress for the meeting in Nancy, in November of 2003?

8. Report on Nominations Committee (Bill Kretzschmar): Who will be the nominees for the TEI Council and Board, for the election to be held at the annual members meeting?

9. Report on ADHOC (Julia Flanders): Board members should review materials at http://www.ach.org/adhoc/ in advance.

10. Appoint TEI Council Chair (John Unsworth): Since Unsworth is leaving the TEI, at least temporarily, a new chair of the TEI Council must be appointed. Nominations have been received from the Council, but are not binding on the Board.

11. Appoint TEI Board Vice-Chair (John Unsworth): As above, since Unsworth is leaving the TEI, chairmanship of the Board will fall to its current Vice-Chair, Harold Short, and a new vice-chair must be appointed, at least until such time as the Board appoints a different Chair.

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