TEI-C Board of Directors
Agenda for Meeting in Nancy on 9 Nov 2003
Lou Burnard
Agenda TEI-C Board meeting in Nancy, November 9, 2003, 10:00 - 12:00. Place: Hotel Albert 1er-Astoria
  1. Certification of the meeting.
  2. Approval and Adjustment of the Agenda.
  3. Review of Minutes from the Board Meeting October 2002.
  4. Review of Minutes from the Board telephone conference June 2003.
  5. Appointment of Chair of the council.
  6. Appointment of Officers.
  7. Members meeting 2003: feedback
  8. Members meeting 2004: date, location, organising committee
  9. Appointment of a nominations committee for 2004.
  10. Report on the NEH project (see also ../Activities/MI/ ).
  11. Editors' Report. [Lou Burnard and Syd Bauman]
  12. Membership recruiting: see Membership_overviewOct2003.xml .
  13. Financial statement 2003, budgets for 2004. [Claus Huitfeldt and Tone Merete Bruvik]
  14. Reports from Hosts (2002 and 2003)
  15. Funding opportunities.
  16. Zampolli memorials (see also ../Publicity/AZ/ )
  17. TEI sponsorship, certification and endorsement
  18. TEI Board: co-opted members
  19. Any other business.

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