Agenda for TEI Board Conference Call: 24 January 2006
Matt Zimmerman
  1. JF and MZ: Report on meeting protocol document and developments for the 2006 meeting.
  2. JMU to report on action item: Coordinate a discussion among institutions who have developed such a restricted TEI subset in library digitization, see if they perceive a benefit in harmonizing these, and to see if they're interested in participating in a brokerage (two separate questions). Will work with Matt Gibson and Syd on this.
  3. MZ P4 Guidelines in MLA document
  4. CR New design of TEI site
  5. Transition of Site from Oxford to Virginia: CR, SR, JMU : Transition of authoritative website from Oxford to Virginia. Some choices to be presented by the working group to the board, for discussion at the next board conference call.
  6. Recruiting group: JF, VL, JL: Produce a recruiting strategy for the coming year, for discussion at the next Board conference call.
  7. Fundraising group: MZ, DOD: Produce an interim fund-raising strategy for the coming year, for discussion at the next Board conference call.
  8. DP to report on action items: Discuss with Bank of America how we might invest the balance forward, so that it earns interest.
  9. Discussion of the role of the Secretary and Executive Director. - no discussion has taken place on this. Should the language of the bylaws change for the Secretary? We need to create language for the bylaws for the Executive Director.
  10. Other business

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