Agenda for TEI Board Conference Call: 9 May 2006
Matt Zimmerman

Action items from last conference call

  1. Approval of minutes from last conference call:
  2. SB: report on meeting with DLF
  3. SR, CR, JU: report any development with moving website to virginia
  4. DO, MZ: look into donation system.
  5. MZ, JF, DP, VL: Discuss the role of Executive Director.
  6. MZ, CR: Review secretary language in the Bylaws to ensure that we are in compliance.

New Business

  1. JV: report on plans for 2006 Members meeting.
  2. DO: report on Nominations committee
  3. MZ: report on council meeting and TEI day in Japan.
  4. Discussion of TEI logo, "P5-ready" logo, and TEI file icon.
  5. LB ISO agreement.
  6. JF: ALLC internationalziation grant.
  7. VL: Recruiting Strat
  8. DP: Fundraising Strat.
  9. MZ: Questions about recruiting while in Japan (mainly I would like the schedule of membership fees for the different DIVs and also the formula used to decide at what DIV an institution joins).

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