TEI Board Conference Call: 12 October 2006
Chris Ruotolo

The meeting commenced shortly after 1500 UTC, with the following in attendance:

  • Syd Bauman (SB)
  • Lou Burnard (LB)
  • Julia Flanders (JF)
  • John Lavagnino (JL)
  • Veronika Lux (VL)
  • Daniel O'Donnell (DO)
  • Daniel Pitti (DP)
  • Sebastian Rahtz (SR)
  • Chris Ruotolo (CR)
  • John Unsworth (JU)
  • Matt Zimmerman (MZ)
1. Review of action items from last conference call
1.1. TEI Tite

JU reported that Perry Trolard, a grad student at UIUC, is working on a project to combine the tagsets and schemas at UC, Michigan, Virginia, and one other institution. He will propose a union set of those practices, express it in ODD, and submit it to the DLF for approval. Perry will be at the DLF meeting in Boston on Nov. 8-10, with UIUC and DLF splitting the cost.

The Board discussed the relationship of the DLF working group to the TEI, and decided that the results of this work should go to Christian Wittern, as well as the DLF group. JU will manage this.

1.2. TEI website

CR reported that David Sewell is currently revising content for the new website. Setting up the backend with OpenCMS has been slow going and is holding up the project. DP and JU will arrange to get Shayne Brandon and Amit Kumar together to focus on this project for a week and get it done, as soon as possible. The Board reiterated the urgent need for a new site, and discussed the possibility of adding revised content to the old site before the new backend is complete. Frequent downtime on the current site is a major concern; memory upgrades on the IATH server may help with this.

1.3. Role of Executive Director

MZ, JF, and VL have discussed this via email and will continue the discussion offline.

1.4. Role of Secretary

MZ and CR reviewed the secretary language in the bylaws and decided that we are in compliance.

1.5. Funding foundations

To be discussed at the upcoming Board meeting.

1.6. Donations and CaféPress

No action yet.

1.7. Update on Members' Meeting

JF sent the update to the Board mailing list.

1.8. Nominations committee

The nominations procedures will be discussed at the upcoming Board meeting. The Board must decide whether or not to include everyone who is nominated or self-nominated on the ballot. JL will research the ideal number of candidates relative to the number of slots, and he, DO, and JF will discuss this issue, along with the problem of candidates being nominated repeatedly but not elected, after the Members' Meeting.

1.9. "P5-ready" logo

MZ has asked James Cummings to recommend a "P5-ready" logo, and he may have something ready to show by the Members' Meeting. MZ will contact him again.

1.10. Recruiting plan

To be discussed at the upcoming Board meeting.

1.11. Individual memberships

To be discussed at the upcoming Board meeting.

2. Update on MM

JF reported that the response from sponsors was very good, and we now have all the support we sought for coffee breaks, receptions,etc. The conference bag will contain promo from these sponsors. Ray Siemens and Karin Armstrong have done a wonderful job organizing, and planning for the meeting is on track. A few late poster sessions have been added to the program. Hotel registrations are still lagging, and we will pay about $700 more for the venue if we don't fill our projected number of rooms.

VL will not attend the meeting; Gautier Poupeau will attend the Board meeting in her place.

3. Reminder about host reports and financial reports

MZ reminded the Board that host reports and financial reports will need to be ready by the Board meeting. Host reports should be sent to CR; financial reports go to DP. DP will contact the accountant to ensure that the necessary tax forms have been received. Reports will be distributed on the website, not in paper form; handouts at the meeting will include the URLs for the reports.

Christian Wittern has inquired about how much money is left in the Council's budget. DP thinks there is approximately $6000 left, with two reimbursements (roughly $1000 each) outstanding.

4. New Chair

MZ will be leaving the Board at the end of the year, so a new Chair must be appointed. SR and DO have both expressed interest in serving. Once they both check with their institutions and confirm their ability to serve, the Board will appoint the new chair via e-mail, hopefully before the Members' Meeting.

5. 2007 Members' Meeting

Oxford may be willing to submit a new bid for hosting the 2007 MM, if all the other bids are deemed unfeasible. The Board discussed the financial implications of holding the meeting in Taiwan or New Zealand, and decided to take a quick email poll of the TEI community to gauge their feelings about the various potential locations for the MM. JF will draft the email survey, which will go out to TEI-L and the membership list. The Board will decide on the 2007 MM location at the meeting in Victoria.

6. Draft agenda for Victoria Board meeting

MZ asked the Board to look over the agenda for the upcoming Board meeting and post any suggested changes to the Board mailing list.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 1600 UTC.

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