Agenda for the TEI-C Board Meeting, Victoria, B.C., Canada, 29 October 2006

Agenda for TEI Board Meeting, Victoria, B.C., Canada
October 29 2006

  1. Certification of the meeting
  2. Appointments
    • Appointment of Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary
    • Re-appointment of Editor
  3. Review of minutes from previous meeting
    • Minutes from the conference call,
  4. Appointment of Nominations Committee for 2007
  5. Financials and hosting
    • Financials: 2006 report, 2007 budget
    • Host commitments for the coming year
  6. 2007 Members' Meeting
    • Appoint conference organizer and program committee
    • Future MM: can we host outside of N. America/Europe?
  7. TEI website, new design and hosting issues
  8. Recruiting Strategy
  9. Fundraising Strategy
  10. TEI Guidelines planning
  11. Travel reimbursement guidelines
  12. SIGs

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