TEI Board Conference Call: 5 May 2007
Chris Ruotolo
The meeting commenced shortly after 1700 UTC, with the following in attendance:
  • Syd Bauman (SB)
  • Julia Flanders (JF)
  • John Lavagnino (JL)
  • Daniel O'Donnell (DO)
  • Daniel Pitti (DP)
  • Sebastian Rahtz (SR)
  • Chris Ruotolo (CR)
  • Ray Siemens (RS)
  • John Unsworth (JU)

Lou Burnard (LB) joined the meeting later.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the 29 Jan 2007 Board meeting were approved.

Chair's Report

DO reported on a busy quarter. The Council and editors have been working very hard on P5, and are focused on delivering it by October. The Berlin meeting was very successful and much was accomplished. The 2007 Members' Meeting is shaping up very well. It will feature six multiple conference-style sessions with concurrent papers as well as plenary speakers, a grants panel, and a few poster sessions. Given the demands of P5, DO has decided to let Board's post-P5 discussions slide for a while. DO is a bit behind on soliciting bids for the 2008 Members' Meeting, but plans to do that soon.

TEI Tight was discussed briefly at the Council meeting, and proved to be an excellent test case for conformance issues. The Council now defines three kinds of TEI documents: identically conformant documents, which adhere exactly to the guidelines; algorithmically conformant documents, which can be reverted programatically to identical conformance, and extended documents, which contain added elements from a different namespace. TEI Tight documents will be either extended or algorithmically conformant, depending on whether the two elements that aren't in the current P5 are eventually added. SB noted that it's incumbent upon the Board to determine the actual names of these categories.


No progress on this; DO will take care of it next week.

Action 1: DO 11 May 2007Arrange with CaféPress to sell a basic mug with the TEI logo.
Online payment

Susan and Veronika will be discussing registration for upcoming the Members' Meeting, and online payment will be part of it. JU has an extra licence to a conference management tool with built-in payment options; TEI might be able to use the extra license this year, and purchase a license in future years. Cost is $800/yr for two conferences. The tool provides a user interface in four different languages, and it works well despite a steep learning curve.

Action 2: DO, JU, VL, SS Report back to the Board about possible online payment system.

SOP document

JF and SB have been waiting for feed back from the Board about the revised travel policy; otherwise, the SOP is ready to go. SB will re-send the URL to the Board list and DO will push to have it approved by the end of next week. DP suggested that the State Department per diem limits might be too high; he will see how the receipts from the Council meeting in Berlin compare to the State Dept. limits. In the meantime, the SOP should be posted to the website.

Action 3: DP ?Investigate relationship between the State Dept. per diem limits and our actual reimbursements for the last few TEI meetings.
Action 4: SB ?Post the travel section to the Board list.

TEI Tight

JU has been talking to vendors, including Apex and Value Chain. Value Chain is willing to handle the aggregation activity and be a point of contact for individual projects, whereas Apex would like the TEI to handle that. Price quotes will reflect this distinction and will also depend on a commitment to a minimum volume of text. We should survey TEI-L to find out who would use this service, and to what extent.

Action 5: JU, JF 31 May 2007Develop a survey to gauge interest in TEI Tight and post it to TEI-L.

Call for 2008 MM bids

DO will send out a call for bids soon, using the Maryland meeting as the model for the event.

Grants strategy

JL has done very little but will try to move forward this month, and will discuss with whoever is available at DH 2007.

Members' Meeting 2007

As reported above, the MM planning is going fine, and interesting papers are coming in. We're still in need of sponsors. Werner has lined up a German publisher to sponsor a coffee; Susan has contacted vendors but hasn't gotten any responses yet. JF noted that DHQ hasn't been contacted yet. Suggestion that we begin by approaching last year's sponsors.

Council Report

In P5, conformance will make relatively heavy use of namespaces, and it will be harder to use DTDs to enforce those. The Board needs to review the modification and conformance sections of the Guidelines, and provide responses ASAP.

Action 6: Board 31 May 2007Review the modification and conformance sections of the Guidelines and provide feedback.

Nominations Committee

RS reported that the call for nominations has gone out, but only three have been received so far, and one nominee has refused. Ray will send out a reminder. The final deadline for nominations is June 1.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 13:03 EDT.

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