Minutes for TEI Board Conference Call: Monday, May 18, 2009 14:00 (London)
Daniel O'Donnell


  • 14:09 Meeting Certified:
    • Present:
      • Lou Burnard (LB)
      • Veronika Lux (VL)
      • Daniel O'Donnell (DO)
      • Daniel Pitti (DP)
      • Susan Schreibman (SS)
      • Christian Wittern (CW) (from 1500 on due to time conversion issues.
        Action 1: DO to ensure that future meetings are announced in UTC as well as or instead of London time.
  • 14:14 Minutes Approved
  • 14:15 Reports Comment and Questions
    • Chair (DO)

      DO gave oral summary

    • Conference (DO)

      Conference planning is proceding apace. Call for papers just about due. Plan to open registration relatively soon if rate proposal and shopping cart system for registrations is approved.

    • Membership (VL) and Treasurer (DP)

      Receipts are running only about $4k slower than last year; not quite sure if this is because of economy or simply vaguaries of payment ($4k could even be a single host/tier I member being slower with payment). DP noted that we just received a statement from Italian publisher. We are about 7 Euros short of the point at which they issue cheques Publisher wants to remainder or pulp remaining copies.

      • Action 2: DP and VL to coordinate their lists and provide list of paid up memberships by email in the next week or so.
        Action 3: DP to provide financial statement by email in next week or so
        Action 4: DO, VL, and CR to investigate real time or cronjob updating list of members from member database [as part of migration to shopping cart software in keeping with subsequent motion]
    • Council (DO)

      DO briefly mentioned TEI day and council meeting in Lyon; noted that council approved Tite which is now before the vendors as part of TEI-Mellon grant.

    • Web Committee (DO/LB)

      DO noted that some council members have joined committee and that council would like to have more responsibility for running the Vault--especially as part of system for providing permanent URLs to revisions of the Guidelines. Noted that this ties in with migration of the Vault (archive) which is a long standing desideratum. LB commented on the three different aspects of the Vault migration: preservation of archives, permant URLs, and recovery of orphaned and lost material. Migration is a long outstanding action item for the web committee. DO indicated that he has been instructed by Council to ensure that Vault is prepared for use of permanent URLs, an instruction that implies the other aspects of this migration also need to happen; intends to keep this issue active as an ex officio member during this Spring and Summer.

      Action 5: DO to ensure that Vault migration is handled as a priority by the expanded web committee

    • Nominations (CW)

      Report was submitted as document. No questions.

    • SIG (SS)

      SS supplemented written report with brief emphasis on success of grant programme.

  • 14:30 Conference Fees (DO)
    Discussion concentrated on issues of language and generalisability. Generally felt that the language as originally submitted was somewhat unclear and not quite what DO actually meant. But broad support for rate structure as long as attendance at actual business portion of the members meeting was free--probably a legal requirement anyway. Issue also came up about whether the full price should include automatic subscription. Decided that this was a bad idea both for book-keeping and fairness reasons: paying $90 at the door for a subscription and admission would be cheaper than buying a subscription and conference admission separately--this penalises people who maintain subscription. Consensus was that we should keep the conference and membership therefore separate. Two motions:
    • Approved proposed rate ($90 full/$45 discount) schedule for Ann Arbor with the full price only reflecting conference attendance, not automatic purchase of membership/subscription as well.
    • Asked DO to propose better language for new rate structure and how it is to be implemented by future local organisers keeping in mind potential for cost of living differences and inflation
  • 14:50 Proposal for Publications (SS)
    Brief discussion of proposal, including fact that TEI is already a publisher. Final motion:
    • Approved proposal that SS should strike committee to investigate publication; terms of reference to be derived by SS from the proposal itself
  • 15:15 Webstore/Credit Cards (DO)
    Presentation on various options; discussion of need and necessity. Final motion:
    • DO to prepare specific proposal for webstore implementation using Zencart and hosting as suggested in his submission.
  • 15:37 Future Meetings

    DO to raise issue by email.

  • 15:40 Adjournment

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