TEI Board Conference Call: 7 May 2010
Sarah Wells
Certification of the meeting

The meeting was certified at ~14:00 UTC, with the following members present: Lou Burnard (LB), Julia Flanders (JF), Daniel O'Donnell (DO), Veronika Lux (VL), Daniel Pitti (DP), Laurent Romary (LR), Susan Schreibman (SS), Sarah Wells (SW) and Christian Wittern (CW). David Sewell (DS) also joined the call.

Approval of minutes

The minutes from the last meeting (teleconference on Monday, February 10, 2010, 1400 UTC) were approved.

DS offered a report of his activities since taking over web site management from Christine Ruotolo at the beginning of 2010. James Cummings of Oxford is serving as an associate webmaster. Www.tei-c.org is housed at the University of Virginia Library; its system administrator is Shayne Brandon of IATH.

LR reported on the two-day Council meeting in Dublin’s Digital Humanities Observatory on April 29-30, but all greens and ambers were resolved. Good progress on new manuscript transcription proposal, biblStruct, Hyphenation and evolution of ODD.

A symposium on TEI models for scholarly publishing was held on the 28th. He offered praise for Oxford’s editorial work. Thanks to Kevin and the DHO and local organization. Comprehensive set of discussion points provided on-line (thanks to Juliane and Dot).

Chair's Report (DO)
The Chair presented a report of his activities since the last meeting. He has been engaged primarily in maintenance and facilitation and well as various activities involving work with others (e.g. a lost membership application, some "selling" of the TEI to potential new members, some minor maintenance on the shopping cart systems, discussion of the work on the Journal of the TEI and the TEI-EJ, participating in council activity, making suggestions for improvement to the website and news-server). Using money from the Mellon, he hired Perry Trollard to write a script to up-date the "current membership" list from the membership database once per day .
  • AccessTEI. This has been moving slowly, but a beta version of the web portal and some publicity material will be released soon.

  • Membership Management Systems. Research into systems that could handle our membership needs has been somewhat stagnant recently, but needs to be revived. This is possibly something that needs a sub-committee to investigate in more detail.


SW reported that we have received approximately half of the invoiced membership payments for 2009. The Board asked for a comparison of how this compares to previous year, so SW will send out a comparison.

Members' Meeting

CW reported on planning for the 2010 Members’ Meeting. A planning committee has been holding monthly teleconferences and has posted calls for workshop, presentation, and poster proposals. There has been a good response so far. Two keynote speakers, Tomaž Erjavec and Ian Gregory, have been invited. The committee is planning to begin soliciting exhibitors soon. JF suggested that the program committee might be able to help solicit sponsors from previous Members’ Meetings.

The Board asked about the meeting budget and CW will ask the planning committee to create a spreadsheet showing preliminary and anticipated expenses.

Journal Committee

LB reported that the TEI Journal will be published on revues.org on a TEI-based publishing system. A CFP is still in draft form, but needs to be released in the next few weeks. There are still some detailed to be worked on in the format for submissions, but LB is working with the technical staff at revues.org. The Journal will be published once a year, drawing from papers presented at the annual Members’ Meeting.

The committee has drawn up a list of people to invite to sit on the editorial board. The Journal editorial positions were approved for 3-year positions as suggested in the board mailing list.

SS and LB then recused themselves from the meeting early and the remaining members of the Board approved offering SS the Editor-in-Chief position, LB the Technical Editor position, and Kevin Walker the Managing Editor position.

SIG Grants

There was discussion concerning a 2nd call for SIG Grant proposals. They will go out in mid-September.

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