TEI Board Conference Call: 11 August 2011
Sarah Wells
Certification of the meeting

The meeting was certified at ~11:00 UTC, with the following members present: Lou Burnard (LB), Wayne Graham (WG), Martin Mueller (MM), Daniel O'Donnell (DO), Susan Schreibman (SS), John Walsh (JW), Sarah Wells (SW), and Martin Wynne (MW).

Apologies for absence had been received before the meeting from Arianna Ciula, Laurent Romary, and Marin Dacos.

Point of privilege

The day before the meeting, DO had requested a point of privilege via email, on a motion of confidence in the Chair, and he raised this point at the beginning of the meeting. The Chair absented himself from the meeting at this point and LB moved for a vote of confidence without further discussion. It failed, with one vote expressing confidence in the Chair and three against. When the Chair returned he was apprised of the vote, announced his resignation, and left the call. LB and MW also left the call.

The meeting became inquorate at this point and was closed.

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