TEI-C Board Minutes: 2017-05-11

TEI-C Board Meeting Minutes 2017-05-11


  • Meeting Procedures and Other Announcements
    • Minutes (Google Doc, password protected)
    • January and March 2017 Minutes Approved!
  • 2017 Conference Update (Kathryn)
  • 2018/2019 Call for Host Update (Michelle)
  • Rahtz Prize Update (Michelle)
  • Membership Update (Laurent)
  • Planning the In-Person Board Meeting (Michelle)


  • Hugh Cayless
  • Michelle Dalmau (Chair)
  • Laurent Romary
  • Kathryn Tomasek
  • Pip Willcox (Secretary, minutes)


  • KT to send reminder about Call for Paper deadline.
  • KT will also discuss with local organizers the possibility of extending the deadline.
  • MD will follow-up with Kevin and Luis about web stats; determine most visited pages for our membership drive.
  • MD to talk to Kevin about posting a membership drive on heavy-trafficked pages generated by OpenCMS (or the WordPress site, depending on the migration status).
  • ALL should review/provide membership drive announcements in English and other languages spoken by Board members (for starters): Google Doc (password protected).
  • MD to ask Luis Meneses to mock up a couple of web pages for the membership drive.
  • MD and LR will meet separately to review Wild Apricot / Membership Levels; prepare proposal for new levels for the Board to review.


  • Meeting Procedures and Other Announcements
    • Minutes (Google Doc, password protected)
    • January and March 2017 Minutes Approved!
    • Last year’s minutes are finally going up!
    • Luis Meneses will encode and post the 2017 minutes already approved.
  • 2017 Conference Update (Kathryn)
    • First plenary speaker is set!
    • Have identified a second plenary speaker.
    • Few people have logged into conftool so far, but we tend to wait until last minute. Deadline is this Monday. May need to extend.
    • Send out reminders today.
  • 2018/2019 Call for Host Update (Michelle)
    • Status mostly as in emails to board list. One proposal fairly secure. A couple of other possibilities.
  • Rahtz Prize Update (Michelle)
    • Members of the Awards Panel contacted all 7 nominees and invited them to submit an application by June 15th for the Rahtz Prize. Of the 7, we received confirmation that two would apply. One of those has already submitted their application. Michelle sent follow-up messages to all nominees on May 10th. A final follow-up message will be sent on June 12th.
  • Membership Update (Laurent)
    • LR has access to Wild Apricot and is learning the system
    • LR suggests a repeated membership drive … Every 6 months we could send a message to the community reminding them of the work the Consortium does and asking them to participate financially and democratically. This could be a banner that appears for 24 hours every 6 months. Technical question of how to achieve this. This could be addressed after the migration is complete as our Web team (KH in particular) is currently busy with this. This might start in September. Schedule for migration: a site is in place but not complete and some actions are pending. KH is meeting the person hired to do the migration this week and will supply update after that.
    • A Wikipedia-style fundraising drive could be part of this, attracting people who want to support open-source membership. A simple mechanism reminding people they could become individual members. This would need testing.
    • Check web stats to see which pages get hit the most and how often individuals visit the site (if we have that data).
    • Guidelines pages managed by the Council; need help from Council for implementing the banner as a JavaScript. Would have to do a new release. Council is aiming for a new release early summer.
      • Council will explore technical feasibility
      • LR will draft the text
      • Need to mock-up a page or two (ask LM). Blank spot between element name and the box to right. MD to ask Webmaster to mock up some versions for feedback.
      • This could be included in the early summer release. HC will write Javascript to enable the ad to appear, once it’s ready.
    • MD and LR to meet in a subcommittee to assess current membership levels on Wild Apricot and report back, using those data to inform the Board’s decisions.
    • Rotating texts: 3-4 options to keep people on their toes!
    • Banner messages in TEI document with date ranges for each campaign; pull text at random.
    • HC suggests we decide requirements early.
    • We will continue discussing practicalities over email.
    • MD to follow up with KH on web stats and how much work would be involved in implementing this on the new CMS.
  • Planning the In-Person Board Meeting (Michelle)
    • Conference is scheduled: 11 - 15 November
    • Council is meeting *after* the meeting this year
    • Schedule Board In-Person meeting for 16 November (Thursday) which would include a joint meeting with Council?
    • Organize a social for Board and Council? Yes!!
  • There was no other business.
  • The date of the next meeting is 13 July 2017, with the June meeting cancelled.

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