Welcome into the home page of the Manuscripts SIG of the TEI.


At the moment the main activity of the SIG is embodied by the writing of the new TEI module for the encoding of Documents and Genetic Criticism that can be accessed from here.

Soon we will report on other activities.

Most of the material we have created during the lifetime of the SIG can be found within the TEI WIKI.


For more information on the SIG, please have a look here

If you have any comments about the activities of the SIG or have questions about how to encode your manuscript, you are welcome to post them within the Manuscripts SIG mailing list; if you are not already a member you can join here.

For any other question, please contact Dot Porter, dot [.] porter [@] gmail [.] com or Gerrit BrĂ¼ning, bruening [@] faustedition [.] de.