The Module

Welcome into the home page of the new TEI module for the encoding of Documents and Genetic Criticism. The document is the product of a Workgroup on Genetic Editions (chair: Fotis Jannidis), which is part of the TEI Manuscripts SIG (chairs: Elena Pierazzo, Malte Rehbein, Amanda Galley).

The workgroup's goal was to develop an Application Profile for the encoding of genetic editions and, in general, genetic phenomena. It is expressed as a TEI P5 conformant customization, integrating material from the existing TEI Guidelines, chiefly Chapter 11. Representation of Primary Sources and Chapter 12. Critical Apparatus, together with additional new material.

The Module has been accepted in principle by the TEI Council in April 2010 and the module is now ready for testing.

The Module is maintained within the Sourceforge subversion repository at in the form of an ODD file.

The Working Group is composed by:

We would also like to thank Paolo D'Iorio for his invaluable contribution in the early stages of the work.


The main ODD file has been transformed into HTML Guidelines by Sebastian Rahtz and can be accessed from here.

Please notice that the document is still a work in progress: the most up to date version will always be the one preserved within Sourceforge

The Schema

While we still recommend you to use the ODD file preserved within the Sourceforge repository to generate your schema via Roma, for your convenience we have provided also a compiled version of the schema that you can download from here.

Further Material

Most of the material we have collected during the two years we have worked at this project is stored and referenced within the TEI WIKI.

In the ODD document we have often referred to a contribution written by Brett Barney, Ed Folsom, and Kenneth M. Price about the genesis of a poem by Walt Whitman, The Sleepers. We think that this contribution well represents the needs for a TEI module for genetic criticism encoding.


If you have any comments about this module, you are welcome to post them within the Manuscripts SIG mailing list; if you are not already a member you can join here.

For any other question, please contact elena [.] pierazzo [@] kcl [.] ac [.] uk or malte [.] rehbein [@] uni-wuerzburg [.] de.