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Minutes from the meeting in Zadar November 12, 2010

The meeting was held in Zadar from 9.00 to 12.30 on November 12, as part of the TEI annual meeting. There were around 15 persons present.


A short presentation of the SIG was given, including its history. The presentation can be found here.

It was noted in the presentation that the SIG had been mainly working with the integration between TEI and CIDOC-CRM. While this is the main interest of the conveners, and will continue to be our main focus of interest, there has also been a continuous attempt to include work on other ontologies and conceptual modelling areas in the work. Some work in the area of literary characters was noted, and references were given out on the work of Amelie Zöllner-Weber to interested participants.

Presentation of the TEI Linguistics SIG

Piotr Banski presented the new Linguistics SIG, which had its inaugural meeting the following day. Possible interfaces was discussed, and the following notes were taken down:

More on this topic can be found in the minutes from the Linguistics SIG meeting.


The SIG was informed about the new SIG webspace at the TEI website (, which went live just after the meeting. The new webspace includes what was previously at the WIKI: minutes from meeting and information about the current work of the SIG. A small bibliography is being developed based on the literary references on the WIKI. Plans for the future role of the WIKI was not made during the meeting, but anyone interested in using it for the benefit of the SIG and its intended work should do so.

Development of guidelines

The work on the Guidelines for the creation of TEI documents that will map well to ontologies such as the CIDOC-CRM, initiated at the workshop in 2009, was presented. More information about the workshop and the guidelines can be found here.

In connection to the development of the guidelines, work currently undertaken by Sebastian Rahtz is of special interest. Sebastian presented his work in some detail. Material, including his presentation at the meeting, can be found here.

The meeting agreed in the importance of this work, and are eager to see more results in the near future.

The object element

There is a call for a new object element in TEI's Sourceforge site. For lack of time, there were only a very short discussion at the meeting, but the matter should be discussed on the mailing list of the SIG and our view should be brought forward to the discussion in Sourceforge as soon as possible.

Future work

In the next year, the work on the Guidelines for the creation of TEI documents that will map well to ontologies such as the CIDOC-CRM will continue. This includes implementations; Sebastian Rahtz will continue working on his system, in addition, work will hopefully be made in two areas: First, in expanding his system into other areas, such as connections to linguistic ontologies. And secondly, development of other systems in this area. We hope to see at least one more system in the near future.

The text of the guidelines themselves also need continued work.

The discussion about the object element should have some input from this SIG.

2010-12-01 Øyvind Eide
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