What is SGML and How Does It Help?

by Lou Burnard

SGML is an abbreviation for ``Standard Generalized Markup Language''. This language, or rather metalanguage, was first defined by an International Standard in 1986 [See note 1]. To complement the many detailed technical descriptions of SGML now available, [See note 2] this paper [See note 3] briefly describes the purpose and scope of the standard, aiming to persuade non-technically minded readers that it has something to offer them.

Table of contents

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This is a minor revision of TEI working paper EDW25, recoded in TEI Lite. The HTML version was derived automagically from the original form of EDW25. Please note that the text has not been re-edited and is thus rather out of date, particularly in the bibliography. Why, it doesn't even refer to The Gentle Introduction to SGML...

This text is also available in print form in Computers and the Humanities, vol 29, 41-50, 1995