Sixth Forli TEI Workshop


The 6th Forlí TEI Workshop, 28-31 March 2006

Course objectives

  1. An understanding of the purpose and utility of text encoding and markup for language corpora
  2. An overview of the TEI Guidelines and their recommendations for language corpora
  3. Practical experience in:
    • using Oxygen (an XML editor) to
      • create new encoded texts
      • standardize existing digital texts
    • transforming XML documents with XSLT
    • Using Xaira (an XML retrieval tool) to
      • build a searchable corpus
      • analyse the corpus

Course Prerequisities

Participants should have basic computing skills (web browsing, word processing etc.) and a willingness to grapple with alphabet soup. All course materials (slides, exercise notes, etc.) will be provided online; additional sample texts and exercise files are also collected in a single file archive which you need to download and copy to your hard disk. Participants are expected to provide or obtain samples of their own materials to work on in some of the exercises.

The Programme

  • 1030: Introductions; lecture 1 Digital texts with XML and the TEI (Texts, textuality, digitization, and what they mean to you; Text Analysis exercise; brief technical introduction to XML concepts and a few words about the TEI)
  • 1130: coffee
  • 1200: Practical 1: Editing in XML-1 (Using Oxygen to tag the Punch page)
  • 1330: Lunch!
  • 1430: Talk on An overview of the TEI introduces lots of TEI elements
  • Practical 2: Editing in XML-2 (Using Oxygen to tag more material)
  • 1600: coffee!
  • 1630: Practical 3: Getting started with Xaira. Using the Xaira corpus wizard to build corpora with no markup at all, and with lots of it.
  • 1730: Practical 4: Beyond wizardry Advanced features of the Xaira indexer. Experimenting with the facilities available in Xaira for richly encoded corpora.
  • 1900: close
  • 1000: Metadata matters Lecture on metadata, in particular how to use the TEI Header to provide contextual information for a TEI corpus
  • One Document Does It All Lecture on the TEI modular architecture
  • 1100: Coffee!
  • 1130: Practical 4: Using Roma to build a simple schema for the Punch material
  • 1300: Lunch
  • 1430: Introduction to some useful XML technologies, specifically Xpath and XSLT: Lectures on how to navigate and transform an XML document
  • 1600: coffee
  • 1630: Practical 4: TEI transformations Writing simple stylesheets to transform XML texts and linguistic data
  • 1730: close

The Participants

  • Anabel Valdivieso (anabel.valdibieso at
  • Anna Marchi (anna.marchi at
  • Claudio Pulliero (cpulliero at
  • Maria-Giovanna Biscu (mbiscu at
  • Giulia Foschi (giuliafoschi at
  • Giulia Riccio (giuliariccio at
  • Isabella Oss Pinter (isabellaosspinter at
  • Jane Johnson (johnson at
  • Letizia Cirillo (lcirillo at
  • Lucia Sbrighi (lucysbri at
  • Lucia Scardapane (scardapane at
  • Mariella D'elia (MariellaDElia at
  • Nunzia Marzano (nunziamarzano at
  • Sara Castagnoli (scastagnoli at
  • Sharon Monti ( at

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