TEI: Logos

The official TEI logo was unveiled at the 2004 Members’ Meeting. It is implemented in scaleable vector form using Adobe Illustrator, and can be used either in PDF, SVG, or rasterized JPEG forms.

Versions of the logo are as follows:

TEIlogo.pdf PDF, colour
TEIlogo-black.pdf PDF, black and white
TEIlogo-grayscale.pdf PDF, grayscale
TEI-175.jpg small bitmap
TEI-400.jpg larger bitmap
TEI-600.jpg big bitmap
TEI-800.jpg huge bitmap
TEIlogo.svg SVG version

Usage examples are:

An alternative design, “hands”, may be used for less formal situations like T-shirts (version 1 and version 2)

The logos on this page are licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 license. When used on a website or other digital environment, please attribute the logo by linking from it to the TEI website where appropriate. Otherwise, please associate the logo with some sort of textual reference to or discussion of the TEI.