TEI: ​​ISTEX – Socle de la Bibliothèque Scientifique Numérique Nationale

Host: Institute for scientific and technical information/ Institut de l’information scientifique et technique du CNRS (Inist-CNRS)

URL: https://www.istex.fr

Description: Since its inception in 2012, the ISTEX project provides public institutions of higher learning and the research community at-large with online access to archival collections of scientific literature across various disciplines. In so doing, the ISTEX project has advanced a national policy of massive data and document acquisition, including archival journal publications, texts, and databases. In turn, an API platform has been developed to explore said resources, offering select value-added services such as content, text and data mining searches. This interface, API platform and body of work can be accessed only with Institutional Access and/or an Institutional IP Address.

Contact: ​​Stéphanie Gregorio, stephanie.gregorio@inist.frcontact@listes.istex.fr