TEI: beQuali

  • Host: CDSP (Sciences Po – CNRS)
  • URL: http://bequali.fr/
  • Main language: French
  • TEI Encoding Guidelines used: Various Versions

General description: beQuali offers a catalog of surveys in social science using qualitative methods. This portal provides the scientific community, after authorization, raw materials and their documentation reproducing the context of their production. beQuali is part of the national research data conservation policy. Its objectives are also teaching (to show the diversity of qualitative approaches) and research (to allow secondary analysis). The transcriptions of interviews are encoded in TEI using the HIAT standard (Standardising Spoken Language Transcription) and the EXMARaLDA tool.

Contact: CDSP

Sciences Po – Centre de données socio-politiques
27 rue Saint Guillaume 75007 Paris
Email: contact@bequali.fr