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General description: The fundamental aim of this project is to make available a reliable and contextualized edition of the Essai sur le récit, ou entretiens sur le récit, by Bérardier de Bataut. This text in dialogue form, published in 1776, represents an unique piece of thinking about narrative in fictional and non-fictional texts of the French 18th century. The edition aims at a scholarly public interested in the poetics of narrative in the 18th century, in the history of thinking about narrative, in the history of the novel, and the relations between rhetorics and narrative poetics. The edition provides two alternative text versions, a linear transcription closely following the original text, and a reading text that has been modernized and amended. The edition includes explanatory notes as well as a critical dossier which includes information about the author and the text as well as several indices and bibliographies. The edition is in progress, both edited text and site features are currently evolving.

Implementation description: The edition makes use of a subset of TEI-Lite, version 5. Other than widely used standard tags, the ‘choice’ and “note’ tags are used for coding the two proposed alternative text versions as well as authorial as well as editorial notes.

Copyright information: The edition is published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence.


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