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  • Host: German Academy of Sciences and Humanities (Mainz)
  • Other institutions involved: Department of Musicology Detmold/Paderborn University of Paderborn Berlin State Library – Prussian Cultural Heritage
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  • Main language: German

General description: The Collected Works of Carl Maria von Weber (WeGA) is a venture funded by the German Academy of Sciences and Humanities (Mainz). Its main objective is a complete scholarly edition of Weber’s compositions, letters, diaries and writings up to his 200th birthday in 2026. The edition will approximately comprise 50 volumes of score including critical reports, 10 volumes of letters, approx. 8 volumes of diaries, 2 volumes writings, a catalogue as well as multiple volumes of documents. All textual parts (i.e. exclusive of scores) are encoded in TEI P5 and are being published as digital edition on the project’s website in the first instance.

Implementation description: We are developing our own customizations based on current TEI P5 (2011) for various types of text, e.g. diaries, letters, biographies. While we mostly customize by creating subsets of TEI_all in the case of letters we developed an additional element correspDesc (cf. http://wiki.tei-c.org/index.php/SIG:Correspondence/ODD_work).


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