TEI: Cartulaire blanc of the Abbey of Saint-Denis

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Description: The Cartulaire blanc of Saint-Denis is the most important cartulary of

the abbey of Saint-Denis. It contains about 2600 transcriptions of

charters, compiled between 1270 and 1300. The electronic edition grant

easy access to this large collection of sources, published online

chapter after chapter as the work is done by the Ecole des chartes’

students under the direction of Olivier Guyotjeannin, professor of


Implementation description: Each page of the site is dynamically generated from XML files using the

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navigation has been improved to allow a faster access to contents. The

interface has been adapted to fit to the graphic charter of the Ecole

des chartes’ Websites and has been optimized to ease reading and

exploitation of informations.

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(http://elec.enc.sorbonne.fr/cartulaireblanc/guidebalisage/) (only

french versions available).


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