TEI: CELT Project: The Corpus of Electronic Texts

Host: University College Cork

URL: https://celt.ucc.ie/


“The Corpus of Electronic Texts (CELT) aims to produce an online database of historical and literary texts in the languages of Ireland past and present. Where copyright permits the texts can be searched, read on-screen, downloaded for later use, or printed out. The CELT project grew out of the joint involvement of the Department of History and the Computer Centre in a number of related text projects over many years.”

The texts are available in TEI P4 XML as well as in HTML in the browser. Many texts are now available in translation and well as their original English, French, Irish and Latin.

The site is currently (Nov 2018) being redesigned to work in mobile devices.

Contact: Beatrix Färber, CELT Editor, University College Cork.