TEI: correspSearch

Host: Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

URL: https://correspSearch.net


With correspSearch you may search within the metadata of diverse digital or printed scholarly editions of letters. The web service assembles and analyses files in the “Correspondence Metadata Interchange format“ (CMIF) that has been developed by the TEI Correspondence Special Interest Group (http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/SIG/Correspondence/).

Apart from a website, correspSearch provides also an API which allows for automatic requests to the web service (the aggregated data is available under a free license). The API is also used by the JavaScript widget “csLink”, which refers from an edited letter in your own digital edition to temporally adjacent letters of the correspondence partners from other editions. The Widget “csLink” is available on https://github.com/correspSearch/csLink.

Scholarly editions are encouraged to provide their indexes of letters in the CMIF for this web service. Interested scholars will find information on the website on how to participate as well as the “CMIF Creator”, which enables the convenient, form-based creation of CMIF files of printed editions – even without technical knowledge.

Together with the TEI element correspDesc and the Correspondence Metadata Interchange Format, the Webservice correspSearch was awarded 2018 with the “Rahtz Prize for TEI Ingenuity”.


Stefan Dumont, Berlin-Brandeburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, correspSearch@bbaw.de