TEI: Dafydd Ap Gwilym Edition

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Classical and Medieval LiteratureWelsh Medieval PoetryWelsh21 September 2007Chris Ruotolo Converted to TEI P5 21 May 2004

Mr. Alexander RobertsCreated using newproj webform

  • Host: Welsh Dept, University of Wales Swansea
  • Other institutions involved: University of Wales
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Description: Project aims to create a new digital edition of poetry by Wales’ leading medieval poet Dafydd Ap Gwilym using TEI, the TEILite DTD and the ‘Anastasia’ software by Scholarly Digital Editions.

Implementation description: Intended audience is academics and those with an interest in medieval Welsh poetry

Other Related Resources: In addition to using the ISOLat 1 entity references we have added the ISOLat 2 references for the extended latin characters

Access : Welsh Dept., University of Wales Swansea


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