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  • Host: University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
  • Other institutions involved: SUNY Potsdam U. of Montevallo University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh) (advisory) Stanford Literary Lab (advisory) Penn State University (advisory) (editors and consultants from multiple universities: Above are the institutions most involved.)
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General description: Thirteen active and consulting editors are now working together to address the urgent need for a comprehensive scholarly archive of Mitford’s works and letters. The team will prepare the first-ever openly accessible, chronologically organized scholarly archive of Mitford’s literary works and letters in digital form, with scholarly annotations and headnotes, extensive prosopography, and site-navigation tools that correlate references to people, places, and events across the full range of Mitford’s texts. In the long term, we hope to produce a comprehensive scholarly archive of Mitford’s complete works and over 2,000 letters. By creating the first-ever accurate transcriptions of Mitford’s correspondence from her years of greatest productivity, the Digital Mitford Archive will freely and fully publish letters previously available only in manuscript form in obscure archives or in bowdlerized published forms. A chronologically structured Digital Mitford Archive will broadly serve educators, literary scholars, historians, and the reading public in illuminating transatlantic publishing and theater networks to this point unexplored in our literary history of the nineteenth century. That no such edition yet exists almost certainly reflects the challenging extent of a task that could not be completed without the assistance of a large and diversely specialized team of scholars. The Digital Mitford project is organized to bring a large group together and annually or semi-annually to invite and involve new editors and student assistants.

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Elisa E. Beshero-BondarUniversity of Pittsburgh at Greensburg 150 Finoli Drive Greensburg, PA USA 15601Telephone: 724-836-7195Email: ebb8@pitt.edu