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  • TEI Encoding Guidelines used: P5 (2007-present)

General description: The Munch Museum’s project related to producing a historical and critical primary source collection of Edvard Munch’s writings was set up in August 2007. The initial phase, A Digital Archive, was launched on 20 January 2011. The second phase, in English (2011–2012), involved establishing authorised English translations of a selection of Munch’s writings equipped with commentaries and accompanied by supplementary articles and facsimiles of the originals. The aim of the third phase, Correspondence to Munch (2012–2015), is to publish online the 6000 letters to Munch in the museum’s collection. The transcriptions of these will be equipped with commentaries and accompanied by facsimiles of the originals and they will be linked to the texts, persons and institutions already in the digital archive.The publication is easily accessible for young students and other interested parties as well as satisfying the demands of scholars for accuracy. The digital archive contains digital facsimiles and encoded transcriptions of the original manuscripts. The transcriptions are reproduced diplomatically.

Implementation description: We are using the TEI with XInclude (experimental) customization provided by TEI P5.

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