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  • Host: Utrecht University
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  • Main language: Multilingual
  • TEI Encoding Guidelines used: P4 (2002-2007)

General description: The site contains 27 books of love emblems, originating from the Netherlands and Flanders. The emblem was an art form which was hugely popular in the 16th and 17th centuries. An emblem typically consists of a picture, a brief and often mystifying motto or lemma, and an epigram which links lemma and picture. Dutch emblem writers of the period focused their attention on the subject of love (both secular and religious). Their books were very much addressed to an international audience, often containing texts in several languages (Latin, French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian).The books were transcribed in TEI P4. The TEI source is available. All emblems have been indexed using Iconclass. Most of the Latin texts have been provided with translations. Emblems that use similar textual or pictorial motifs have been cross-linked.

Related resources: Information about the project is available at http://emblems.let.uu.nl/project_site_info.html, technical infrmation and links to the XML files are at http://emblems.let.uu.nl/project_procedures.html.

Copyright information: The books are out of copyright.


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